• Welcome To Nosson's Shul!
Our Shul - A Heart For The Community & A Community At Its Heart.

A place for everyone to come together, to fabreng and to celebrate meaningful milestones together.
It is a haven for children to learn, hear inspirational stories, join tehillim groups and brachos parties.
It is also a special spot for fathers and sons to connect over a gemara on a long Shabbos afternoon.
Twelve years ago, Nosson’s Shul was established - filled with the purpose of learning, davening and instilling the beauty of yiddishkeit in ourselves and the next generation. From a small, close-knit group, Nosson’s Shul has grown into a community center that is growing and thriving with shiurim, kiddushim and special events. With our Evening Kollel, Gemara Shiurim, Shabbos morning children’s initiatives, Avos Ubanim Programs and upcoming women's events - there is a special place for every member of the family! We invite you to join us and share in the warmth of community, inspiration and family here at Nosson’s shul!
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